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AMR & Water Meter

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 Support 16 Pulse Output Meters 

The AMR16 model suppots up to 16 meters with pulse output signal. Each meter pulse output can be directly connected to the AMR16 with 18-24 gauge signal wire. The pulse count is stored in non-volatile memory to avoid power failure.

 Support Modbus/RTU over RS485 

The AMR suppots Modbus/RTU over RS485 to read pulse count on memory. This feature can be used to create cost effective data acquisition and auto metering solutions.

 Optical Isolation for each Pulse Input

The AMR uses optical isolation components for each pulse input channel to prevent high votlages from affecting the system from receiving the signal.

 Accuracy conforms to ISO4064 Class A, ± 2%

The APA water meter was built with high accuracy ±2% and conforms to ISO 4064, Class A.


 Water Meter with Pulse Output for Remote Reading

The AS series water meter generates pulse output for remote reading. The water flow running through each meter will generate pulse output at constant rate. Depending on the water meter model and the diameter of water meter, the gallon per pulse ratio will be different. For example, the gal/pulse can be 2.64 or 26.42.

The water meter pulse output signal can be directly connected to an AMR module. The pulse count will be accumulated and stored in the AMR's memory which can be read by the Water Management Server to track and calculate the water usage for each meter.


  Pre-integrated AS Series Water Meters

The following AS Series water meters have been pre-integrated into WMS server. For the new water meter models, their model names and their parameters can also be integrated into the Water Management Server to simplify the configutaiton. 

water meter models


 Total Solution

With the integration of AMR, Water Meter and WMS3000, we offer a total solution for the water management. 

 Cost Effective

The combination of AMR and water meter creates a cost effective solution for data acquisition and auto metering. The AMR and water meter are compatible with WMS3000 Water Management Server.


 Affordable and Scalable

The system was designed to offer a scalable and affordable water management solution. Each AMR supports up to 16 water meters and each WMS3000 supports up to 30 AMRs. The whole water system is scalable according to the requirements. When integrating with WMS3000, the whole system can support up to 480 water meters.


 Easy Setup and Maintenance

The AMR and water meter are designed for easy setup and maintenance. The LCD front panel on AMR can be used to read the real time water pulse of each meter. Also, it can be used to set up the RS485 baud rate for communication.





AMR16 Water Meter  


Auto Meter Reader

         Support up to 16 pulse output meters

         Non-volatile memory to retain data

         Software Noise Filter to prevent miscount

         Dry Contact Pulse Input port

         RS485 Communication

         Standard Modbus/RTU Protocol


AS Water Meters

Water Meter with Pulse Output

       ★  ISO4064 Class A, ±2% Accuracy

         Pulse output based on water flow rate

         Screw Type Mounting

         Rotatable Display Register

       ★  Wet Impeller body separated from Display

         8 Digit Counter Display

         Pipe Diameter 1/2" - 4"