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Energy Management Server

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 Advanced Metering Infrastructure (AMI)

The Energy Management Server was built based on the architecture of Advanced Metering Usage ChartInfrastructure (AMI).  The APA Energy Management Server provides two-way communication between submeters and the AMI server.

The goal of an AMI is to provides the real-time data about power consumption and allow customers to make informed choices about energy usage based on the price at the time of use (TOU).


 Auto Meter Reader

The APA Energy Management Server has built-in Automatic Meter Reader to read the data from smart meter. This feature help customer to avoid the need of one additional device and save extra cost.


 Meter and Tenant Management

The application software and the built-in SQL database helps customer to manage and store the meter and tenant information.


 Billing System with Fixed Tariff Rate, TOU, & IBTAMI1000 Web UI

The Billing System comes with three Tariff Options including Fixed Rate, Time of Use (TOU) and Inclining Block Tariff (IBT). Based on the selected Tariff, the system will generate monthly tenant billing report automatically.


 Tenant Group Usage and Billing

The tenants can be assigned to different groups for Group Usage and Cost Allocation analysis. For example in school, tenants can be assigned to groups like the Computer Science Department and  Mechanics Department etc. The data of Group Total Usage and Billing can be downloaded for analysis.


 Relay Timer Control

The Relay Timer Control is a powerful tool for controlling external devices. This feature works with APA meters to do On/Off Control of relay output. It can be used for different applications to do On/Off control of external devices or machines at the designated time slot. This feature might be used for the load shedding.

Secure HTTPS Web Interface

The system provide secure HTTPS web interface so user can access the server from anywhere through the internet. To enable this feature, an ISP connection is necessary and IT support may be required for port forwarding setup on router.


 Build-in all Necessary Software

The server has built-in all necessary software including the Application Software,3P Power Firmware, SQL database, and web server software. There is no 3rd party software required


 Pre-Integrated Smart Meter

Different models of Smart Meter are pre-integrated into the system so it is easy for user to add new meters into the database.


 Easy Configuration with Friendly Web User Interface

The friendly web user interface makes the system configuration become easy and flexible. You can access and configure the server from anywhere on internet.



The server is an affordable system because it has built-in all necessary software. User doesn't need to purchase other 3rd party software or hardware.




 AMI1000 - Energy Management Server



         Up to 32 daisy-chain connected smart meters

         Scalable up to 200 meters/tenants when using Multi-Circuit meter

         Support Multi-Language web interface

         Support both Admin and Tenant web accounts

         Support Billing Features with Fixed Rate, TOU and IBT

         Support RS485 and Modbus Protocol

         Support Network Static IP, DHCP and PPPoE