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water management server

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 Total Solution for Water Management

The APA Water Management Server was built based on the standard protocols to provide total solution for water management. The Water Management Server provides two-way communication with Auto Meter Reader to read the status and the pulse value of each water meter.WMS3000 UI

The server provide friendly and secure web interface for administrator and user access. Administrator and Users can use the standard web browser to access the server remotely through internet. The water usage and billing of each meter are calculated automatically.  The data are kept in the local database with NAND Flash memory. All system and application software are built-in. There is no need to purchase additional 3rd party software or hire contractors to build the server. 

 Meter and Tenant Management

The application software help users to manage and configure each meter and tenant accounts. All meter and tenant records are kept in the local SQL database. The friendly web interface help customers to configure and update the information easily.

 Water Usage and Billing System 

The water usage and billing record for each meter and each tenant are calculated automatically by the application software. At the month end, the monthly billing report for each tenant will be generated automatically. The tenant billing report can be printed or download to PDF file for emailing to tenant.

 Group Usage and Group BillingWMS3000

The tenants can be assigned to different groups for Group Usage and Group Cost Allocation analysis. For example in school, tenants can be assigned to groups like the Computer Science Department and  Mechanics Department etc. The data of Group Usage and Group Billing can be downloaded for analysis.

 Secure HTTPS Web Interface

The system provide secure HTTPS web interface so user can access the server from anywhere through the internet.




 Built-in all Application and System Software

The server comes with built-in all necessary software including the SQL database, web server and application software. There is no 3rd party software required. It help customers to save cost and time on setting up the system.


 Pre-Integrated AMR and Water MeterWMS3000 Diagram

The AMR (Auto Meter Reader) and different models of Water Meters are pre-integrated into the system database. It is easy for user to add new meters and AMRs into the system.


 Easy Configuration with Friendly Web User Interface

The web User Interface supports 4 different languages and the friendly web design makes the system configuration become easy and flexible.



The server is an affordable system because it has built-in all necessary software. User doesn't need to purchase other 3rd party software or hardware.



 Embedded Water Management System










Water Management Server

         Support up to 480 meters 

         Support Multi-Language web interface

       ★  Support both Admin and Tenant web accounts

         Water Usage and Billing automatic calculation

         Support Billing Options including Fixed Rate and IBR

       ★  Support RS485 and Modbus Protocol

         Support Network Static IP, DHCP and PPPoE