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Applications for Smart Lighting Control System


It is practically mandatory for ballroom and hall to use scene selection control that includes both dimming to create
 the right atmosphere for the occasion. Either pattern switches or touch panels can be used to quickly change to the proper scene at each stage of the event.


For a restaurant, user control interfaces can be installed at the counter to manage the scene for different areas of the restaurant as requested by the customers or needed for the occasion. Scene changes for lunch time, dinner time, entertainment, all need to have their own moods set to gain the proper ambience.

 Conference Rooms or Hallhotel

In a conference room or hall, several pattern switches can be placed in multiple locations to make it convenient to control the lighting, projectors and curtains in the room. Different activities such as having conferences, lectures, watching movies and so on, could then be assigned to its own pattern key for instant activation.

 Hotel Room

Different scenes can be activated at just the touch of a button to enhance the stylishness of a hotel room. Scenes such as entertaining guests, reading, watching TV, relaxing can all be activated effortlessly to greatly improve the customer experience. 


Benefits for Smart Lighting Control System

 No Central Controller Required
The SLCS was designed with a distributed system of devices akin to a peer to peer network. Hence it eliminates the requirement of central controller. Without a central controller, the SLCS eliminates the single point of failure causing whole system crash issue. Also, it eliminates the most costly component of implementing a digital lighting control system.

 Two Wires Network
The SLCS makes use of a proprietary network called the D-Bus. The D-Bus consists of only 2 signal wires for communication between the various SLCS devices. By using only 2 wires, the SLCS greatly simplifies a new installation that requires digital lighting control. All the devices in the network are connected to each other in a daisy chain formation, with the physical wire being able to be typically extended up to 1000 meters without the need for special repeater devices.

 Easy to Configure without Complicated Software

The configuration of SLCS can be done using only the DIP switch on LTU to set the address, the rotary switch and dip switch on IS4X to set the Single, Group or Pattern modes. Configuring the system is done using auto learning mode, where one only needs to specify the desired combination of circuits and buttons, and the system will automatically "learn" the desired configuration. There is no need for complicated software to configure the system.

 30 Minutes to Learn the Configuration

The SLCS configuration is simple and it doesn't need complicated software or special setup tools. For a person without SLCS experience, it only takes about 30 minutes to learn the configuration and operation of the system. 


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